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Things To Do:


• Happy Island Waterworld is proud to be the biggest wave pool in Africa: is the largest in Africa measuring 20 000m2 with hydraulic mechanisms that generate ocean-like waves at regular intervals.

• Two massage pools: where our guests soak and relax in the cool water while being gently massaged. (These are not heated pools.)

• A regular pool: used for swimming and relaxation.

Water Slides
• Gravity Loop: Feel the sensation as gravity sucks you down a near-vertical slide into an inclined loop at speeds of up to 60km/h. Experience 2.5 Gs in less than 2 seconds! The ultimate body slide experience.

• Lazy River: Perfect for all ages, gently float down the Lazy River in your rubber tube as it takes you along the 850-metre course through the beautiful water park surrounds. Single or double tubes available at the entrance.

• High Speed Slide: The high-speed slides are just that – guests can experience up to 40km/h. Exercise extreme caution on this slide. Not for the faint-hearted.

• Behemoth Bowl: also known as the Super Bowl a four-person per tube, wild, adrenaline-filled ride through a massive bowl and into the clear pool below.  An absolute rush!

• Master Blaster Super Tubes: Three super tube slides, two that take you through open air, and one that is almost entirely dark.  This is your classic super tube ride and can be enjoyed with one or two-person tubes.

• Typhoon: In Africa! You’ll love the experience of being sucked down a giant typhoon funnel into the water below.

• Rainbow Slide: Fast and wild ride down the rainbow great for racing down against friends.

• Pirate Boat Slide: Board the Pirate boat if you dare and escape down the slide back into the safety of the Lazy River. Perfect for kids.

• Amazon Rainforest: A family attraction for all ages but kids will love it most. Themed on the Amazon Rainforest, this mini water park features slides, a pool, and a full rainforest maze to explore.

• Spray Park: Offering dozens of playful fountains in a sea of island creatures. It is a safe, fun place for toddlers, teens and older folk to cool off in the summer heat.

• Boome Rango: This is a high-speed four-person tube ride pushing riders up almost vertical slopes as well as spinning around on the tube itself. This is a fun thrilling ride that is SIMPLY SENSATIONAL!

Other Features
• Guests can picnic, relax and have fun with their family.

• There are shady spots situated around the park for picnicking.

We have a variety of restaurants where guests can purchase food including:

• Chicken/Beef
• Burgers
• Steak rolls
• Hot dogs
• Chicken wings
• Chicken thighs
• Beef short ribs
• Pizza
• Shisanyama
• Steak
• Boerewors rolls
• Fish

There is a general store that sells:

• Cold drinks
• Crisps
• Sweets/chocolates

There is a clothing store that offers:

• Happy Island Merchandise
• Swimwear
• Hats
• Towels
• Toys

Group Bookings

Corporate Team Building Package at Happy Island Waterworld

Happy Island Waterworld’s dedicated team is always ready to assist you with customized packages, tailored to suit your group needs. Let us take away the hassle of planning, and allow you to focus on having fun. Whether you’re doing a corporate team-building exercise, or looking to bring school learners, university students, church members, etc. At Happy Island Waterworld uou’ll experience nothing but great fun at the Island of thrills.

Happy Island Waterworld

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Group Bookings:

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 010 600 3333

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067 790 9513

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