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We also have a number of beverage/ice cream vendors, and a confectionery store that sells snacks and other refreshments.

What food and restaurant offerings do you have?

We have a takeaway restaurant at the water park as well as a variety of food trucks and food vendors situated throughout the park. Our takeaway restaurant serves a selection of foods including:

• Chicken/Beef
• Burgers
• Chips
• Rib burgers
• Steak rolls
• Hot dogs
• Chicken wings
• Chicken thighs
• Beef short ribs

The Food Trucks include:

• The Filthy Mustache (Gourmet Hot Dogs)
• Sausage Saloon
• Chip ‘n Dip (Halaal)
• Spur (Chicken/Beef/Cheese Burgers Only)
• Wings and Things
• Mini Doughnuts
• Wood fired Pizza

We also have a number of beverage vendors, ice cream vendors and a confectionery store that sells snacks, drinks, ice creams and more.

Can I bring gazebos and umbrellas?
Yes, you may bring your own umbrellas, gazebos and sun-shades into the park. Whilst the park does have some shaded spots as well as umbrellas, you can also bring your own. There are some shaded areas within the park, but these spots are usually the first to be claimed by early-bird visitors.
What slides are not operational at the moment?

The Kids Fun Slides is not 100% operational. The rest of the slides are open except for when maintenance is scheduled. Please keep an eye on our website Slides & Pools pages for updates.

Can we bring our own personal tubes/lilos etc into the park?
For safety reasons, no personal inflatables, lilos or tubes are allowed to the park.
Do you have accommodation at Happy Island?
Unfortunately, we don’t have accommodation at Happy Island. We do however, have a corporate package available for a Happy Island Camp Out where we can facilitate corporate or large groups in a domed tent. Please contact our Group Bookings department should this interest you.
Do you have dedicated venues within the park that are available for rent?
We have a number of spaces within the park that are available for rent for corporate/large group bookings and activations only. Please visit our Group Bookings page for more details.
Do you have any family packages / season packages?
At this stage of operations, no we don’t. We certainly plan to introduce these packages very soon including a loyalty programme from which you will enjoy a host of benefits.
What does the General Access price cover? Must I pay more for each slide inside the park?
All slides are included in the ticket price.
What other retail facilities do you have in the park?
We have a number of retail stores within the water park. Our confectionery store sells items such as soft drinks, chips, sweets, chocolates, ice creams and other snacks. Our accessories store, located at reception sells items such as water accessories, goggles, hats, sunscreen, waterproof phone covers, sunglasses, swimming costumes, flip flops and more. When you exit the park, you will pass through another retail store where you can buy Happy Island Waterworld memorabilia such as stuffed toys and other mementos.
Do you have birthday party services for kids / adult birthdays?

Please email for more info and assistance.

Can we bring food or drinks into the park?
No food/drinks/alcohol/water is allowed into the water park.
Do you have dedicated smoking areas?
Yes, we do. These are marked out on the property maps situated around the whole property.
Do you have outlets that sell alcohol in the park?

Yes. Currently, Happy Island Waterworld has a bar inside the park that offers alcohol.

Do you have Braai Facilities?
We have a Shisanyama/Braai restaurant selling braaied meat and other delicacies.
Is the park and its facilities Wheelchair accessible?
Certain areas of the park are accessible by wheelchairs. Accessibility will improve as the rest of the park is completed.
What forms of payment are available at the entrance?
We accept cash in South African Rand and all major Debit/Credit Cards.
Can I do an EFT to your account for tickets, as opposed to paying by card/cash?

This is possible but needs to be arranged at least 48 hours in advance. Please email 

Do you have ATM’s at the park and what bank ATM’s are these?
Yes, we have 2 ATM’s at the park, specifically ABSA and FNB.
What age is acceptable for Pensioner Discounts?

65 years old and above. Note that a pensioner card has to be presented at the gate.

What are the price categories?

Pricing until end April 2019:
Adults – R199.00
Children below 1.3 metres –  R99.00
Pensioners –  R99.00
Disabled –  R99.00
Children under 2 – free

Visit our ticketing page to book. You may book online or you may buy at the entrance. You may wait longer in the cash queue but you certainly have both options.

Do you have any premium tickets that will allow skipping of the queues?
No we do not have any premium tickets available at the moment.
Do you have personal lockers available to store personal items?
Yes, we have 5000 lockers on the premises for your convenience. Please ask our cashiers for assistance. R40 Rental fee for the whole day with a R20 deposit.

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