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One ticket per person.
Each ticket has a unique code which will be scanned upon entry.
Each ticket is only valid for ONE entry.
Once that code has been scanned, that ticket expires.
Please note that if the QR code is damaged and unreadable, the ticket is deemed invalid and another ticket will have to be purchased.
For groups, the tour leader/tour guide must present the valid tour documents to enter the park (i.e. tour guide card or a certified certificate of admission. If the certificate is invalid, Happy Island Waterworld reserves the right to refuse admission.

1. Enter by tickets, one ticket per person, the ticket expires once the QR code is scanned; please note that if the QR code is damaged, the ticket will be invalid.
2. The ticket can only be used within the validity period.
3. Children’s tickets are purchased for children above 2 years old, below 1.3 meters. Children with a height of 1.3 meters or more are required to purchase adult tickets. Children under 2 years old enter the park free of charge (Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian to enter the park). Pensioners’ tickets are 50% off a standard park ticket.
4. Tickets are valid for all-day entry into the water park but they exclude the purchase of food, shopping and rentals. These are charged separately.
5. Please read the relevant precautions before proceeding. If the ticket is sold, no refund will be allowed.
6. In a case of unfavourable weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, guests have up to two months to reschedule their tickets. This needs to be done in writing via email or phone call. A new ticket will be issued for an alternative date.

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