All visitors enter Happy Island Waterworld, and attend, participate in entertainment functions, rides and events entirely at their own risk. All children under 12 years of age shall be subject to responsible supervision by an adult.

Happy Island Waterworld does not accept responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any property whether placed in its custody or otherwise, nor for injury to, or death of any persons entering, attending, participating in any entertainment, functions, ride, amenities, attractions and events, whether as a result of negligence or breach of contract on the part of the Happy Island Waterworld or from any cause whatsoever.

All visitors indemnify and hold Happy Island Waterworld, its employees, agents or contractors harmless against any claim made by their family members or dependents, any person, or third party arising from the death of or injury to a visitor. It is also effective, whether or not such death, injury, damage or loss is caused directly or indirectly, entirely or partly, by any negligent act or omission of Happy Island Waterworld.

Should any aid or assistance rendered by Happy Island Waterworld to any person in any manner or form whatsoever, in the event of any incident leading to loss of or damage to property, injury or death in Happy Island Waterworld, such assistance shall not constitute an admission of liability on the part of Happy Island Waterworld. Neither shall it constitute a waver by Happy Island Waterworld of its rights.

In the interest of your safety and the safety of all visitors, Happy Island Waterworld reserves the right to refuse you access to one or more of the fun rides or attractions during the course of your visit.

While we take the outmost care to ensure the safety of our rides, Lazy River, Wave Pools, Gym Equipment and kids activities, we are required by Consumer Protection Laws to inform you that in participating in the rides, lazy river, gym equipment and kids activities you will be partaking in activities that are subject to risk of an unusual nature or character (which could also result in possible injury or death).

No liquor or banned substance or food may be brought into Happy Island Waterworld and no liquor may be removed from Happy Island Waterworld. Proper swimming will attire to be worn by all bathers, young and old. No underware will be allowed.

If you do not understand any part of this notice please ask us to explain it to you.